Silver Dollar Values

Investing in Silver Dollars

Silver dollar values have generally done extremely well over time. Silver dollars were minted in the United States starting in the year 1794 and continued to be until 1964, when silver had become too valuable to continue placing into general circulation. Many of the earlier issued silver dollars were minted in smaller quantities than other silver coins. These coins typically will posses more numismatic value.

Investing in silver dollars provides the added benefit of the numismatic rarity. Numismatic rarity is essentially the rarity of the silver dollar itself. Older silver dollars can be quite valuable, with one 1794 coin selling at auction for over $1 million.

To understand how silver dollars are valued, it is necessary to understand how coins are graded.

How Silver Dollars Are Graded

The grading of silver coins is the process that is used in determining the value and the condition of a coin. In this grading process, the higher the grade, the higher the value of the coin. Typically, coins are graded on a scale that goes from 0 to 70, and these numbers are also combined with a letter code in order to create the grade.

There are two primary organizations that focus on the grading of coins. These are the Professional Coin Grading Service, or PCGS, and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, or NGC.

Coin letter gradings include:

Rarity and Other Silver Dollar Value Catalysts

In addition to the grading of the coin, rarity plays a major role in the value of a silver dollar. For instance, there are events that can greatly enhance the value of various silver pieces. Some events of the past century affecting the price of silver include:

Other catalysts that could significantly increase silver dollar values include minting errors. In earlier times, errors in the printing of silver coins were not considered to be anything affecting a coin's value. However, beginning in the 1960s, the collection of error coins began to heat up and since that time the premiums that are attached to error coins have gone up a great deal, creating more value for these pieces.